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My 1st teacher who brought me to his teachers. Our pledge to train both mind and body through tae kwon do. To promote a friendly relationship amongst all people. To be a courageous opponent against untruth and to obey the rules of tae kwon do and my instructor. Our aims to achieve modesty perseverance self control and indomitable spirit. If not for the part he played in my life, my life would not have been such.
-- Jason DeLucia

Another great interview!
Jiu Jitsu Robot Episode 18 (January 29, 2024):

Jason DeLucia's Journey from Seagal's Challenge to Gracie's Submission

Great interview by Lytes Out Podcast (August 15, 2022):
Jason DeLucia Pancrase Career DEEPDIVE

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A war hero is any man who answers the call justly.
This is my hero.


Congratulations to Brandon Ballou on winning
the power weight grand championship at the North Georgia Open.


A heartbreaking loss: Norton Detective Sergeant Stephen Desfosses (Sensei Stephen) was diagnosed with Covid-19, Flu A and pneumonia in December and passed away January 13, 2021. He proudly and distinctly served the community of Norton for over 30 years and was a loyal, caring friend to the martial arts community. We will keep him and his family in our thoughts and prayers.


Jason's lifelong friend Robert Wright visited before deploying.
Thank you, Robert, for your service! Stay safe.

At Bellingham Kenpo Karate on November 5, 2016

Congratulations to Craig Duquette of Bellingham Kenpo Karate on his elevation to Shihan. Many thanks to Shihan Carlos Miranda and Kyoshi Mark Sheeley for their part in bringing him to this level.


Combat Aikido with Jason DeLucia DVD 5: Striking Throws  



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With a feud that dates back to the days of Pancrase, Bas Rutten and Jason DeLucia met face to face at the IFL. For those of you who weren't aware, this feud is close to being 10 years old, and the last 3 years, Bas and Jason have gone back and forth on the forums. They finally came face to face, and Original Hardcore MMA was there to capture the whole thing on video.


This two-hour interview will take you
inside the world of a true legend.



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"WEEKEND UPDATE" with Jason DeLucia

October 17, 2007.    Q&A with a Legend about a Legend
Click here for "Frank Shamrock on Randy Couture"

June 22, 2006. People say boxing is dying a slow death and talk of how Larry Merchant disrespects MMA and fighters. Well, Larry Merchant has always had a problem. He is insincere yet opinionated, arrogant yet clueless. Disrespectful towards fighters and blatantly antagonistic. Boxing has been in the light so long and control over the sport so tight that they never saw this coming, or never believed it could come to fruition. And the definite wrong thing to do is cast aspersion on the fighters or the sport, because there is a litmus test. You take any and I mean any pro boxer and put him in there and you know what happens. Of course that's not to say that boxers can't fight. But boxing is much less of a fight than MMA. And paid mouthpieces like Larry Merchant are a shot in the foot to the sport of boxing. Though you could make a boxer like Tyson or Jones very effective in this environment and gain respect for boxing. In fact, it would amp up business if you could create that rivalry. Even better, imagine Roy Jones or Mike Tyson as a boxing title holder knocking out an MMA champion. Then you'd generate a renewed interest in boxing, a renaissance. But disrespecting MMA ain't gonna make it go away, it's only killing boxing quicker.

May 7, 2006. Greatest living achievement award goes to Minowa Ikuhesa. He successfully continued to execute forward ukemi kani basami ankle pick against Semmy Schilt. Had either of the two mandatory counter strikes (knee or field goal kick to the head) been successfully applied, Minowasan would most assuredly be dead. He knew it going in and did it anyway and succeeded. In my mind that's a win, and a Nobel Prize for courage.

While we are giving out Nobel Prizes there are two we should mention. First,
Rorion Gracie's "Rape Safe" video for providing doable realistic methods that address real human atrocities. Fighters could learn more from this tape about rape defense than much of what is out there for fighting. Rorion gives essential strategy that at one time schools wouldn't teach because of their value to fighters. And he does it for one reason, women's safety.

Jim Brown for most effective use of martial arts in combatting street gang violence. He used his time spent with UFC not to promote himself but to challenge gang members to have honor and courage and at least say, "If you want or have to fight, do it like a real man one on one without a gun." And he went to the streets to talk to these people. He continues to this day, and the difference he's making will be felt in this country forever. He's turning hard core into peace corps. And the true influence of his work will be seen in years to come. God bless Jim Brown.

Feb 18, 2006. This just in: Have you seen Bas Rutten and Stephen Quadros together? A must see for people who wonder what's lovable about Bas, this is it. Stephen Quadros is equally lovable but more so in person. A penetrating personality such as his is as close to parental supervision as you could get for Bas without someone applying the Vulcan Mind Meld at some point. Americans still love Bas, it's just that some of them want to kick his ass.

To Sensei Willy and the Lamonte County Avengers (Indiana):
Thanx for the tree and God bless the fruit

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for insights from one of the pioneers of MMA




Jason DeLucia defeats Matt Rogers by submission in his comeback fight at 
Frank Shamrock's Shoot Box debut