Jason DeLucia, a true legend of UFC and Pancrase, is the typical guy next door who is a pioneer for mixed martial arts. He has also maintained his integrity and balance in a world where only the strong survive.

In this interview, Jason relives his early days in the UFC, his two fights with Royce Gracie, and leaving the Lions Den. He also tells about problems he had with Bas Rutten in and out of the ring, and debunks rumors regarding his health. From the very first UFC to over 50 MMA fights, this two-hour interview will take you inside the world of a true legend.

On the DVD, Jason answers these questions and more:

  * Prior to UFC did you study aspects of Chin-Na ?
  * Being a traditional Gung Fu Stylist what is your opinion on the modern teachings of Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do ? Before MMA and After and did it change?
  * What can you tell me about the teachings of Sifu Yip Man, are his teachings influential in the Gung Fu community today?
  * There have been various rumors over the years associated with sifu Peter Kwok has he resurfaced?
  * A lot of fighters we speak with advocate Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Kickboxing as a great foundation for MMA. Do you feel that Gung Fu is a better foundation and why?

This DVD is autographed by Jason DeLucia.   $20.
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