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Kung Fu traffic Cop

Really grateful man

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Look out behind you

"I will crush you"   P.S. jodan hasso 

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Papa, You take the next opponent, I'm tired!

" itsutsu do butsu"

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Fighters and friends on vacation Mt Fuji

We Suck!

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Dinner with the boys Ken, Frank, &  Bas

Vernon "Tiger" White's Orchestra

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We are the world

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Guy Mezger, Don Clovis, Frank Shamrock, Bas Rutten, & Vernon "Tiger" White

Todd Medina, Sal Gasparri, Kunioku Kiuma, Maurice Smith, Guy Mezger , Don Clovis

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Ken Shamrock with Jason DeLucia after Victory over Funaki Masakatsu

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Cage Rage

Jason DeLucia vs. Trent Jenkins


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