Seminars & Private Training with Jason DeLucia


An Aikido master and veteran of UFC 1 & 2 and Pancrase, Jason DeLucia offers seminars and private training customized to your needs. His extensive training in Aikido, Pancrase Hybrid JuJitsu, Five Animal Kung Fu and other arts gives him excellent grappling and stand-up skills.  A gifted teacher, he is still fighting and training fighters, as well as teaching Aikido, Pancrase Hybrid JuJitsu, and Hybrid Fighting Arts.

Law Enforcement / Security

Asked by police officers to teach them ground defense police survival tactics, Jason developed seminars that teach Aikido and ground defense techniques for law enforcement personnel.  Police departments around the world use Aikido techniques: these moves plus ground defense are very effective, and are at the heart of Jason's seminars. His seminars teach core techniques that can be used immediately in practical situations. Seminars cover ground defense, knife disarms, crowd control, gaining compliance, multiple attackers, and requested topics.


Many Aikido and JuJitsu techniques are very effective regardless of size and strength, making them perfect for women as well as men. Jason's seminars train participants in very practical techniques that can be practiced and remembered easily. The basic seminar meets once per week for three weeks and can be taught at your location during or after business hours.  Intermediate and advanced seminars are also available. Private lessons in self-defense training are also available.

Unlike self-defense courses for women that concentrate on risk avoidance and building self-confidence, Jason's concentrates on the actual techniques needed for personal defense from both standing attacks and on the ground. Often, the assaulter takes his would-be victim to the the ground very quickly, so good working knowledge of how to protect herself on the ground is very important in women's self-defense.

Female instructors are available to work with students in Jason's self-defense seminars for women.

Fighter Training

Jason has trained many mixed martial artists who went on to become belt-winning professional fighters. Over 28 years of Martial Arts experience have given Jason a unique background for his fight training.  He has trained in Aikido, Jujitsu, Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do under Sifu Frank Heaney, Grandmaster He Il Cho, Master Earl Vater (8th Dan Tae Kwon Do, 6th Dan Kenpo Karate) and in Japan.  He was an instructor at Ken Shamrock's Lion's Den, and has trained professional fighters in California and Japan. His fight record includes

- 54 professional fights
- One of the top records for first-round wins
- Inaugural "Shootbox" win in round one by a rear naked choke

Fight training can be anything from intensive weeklong full day sessions to regularly scheduled training sessions, seminars, and private lessons, as needed.

Jason customizes his seminars to meet your needs, whether you are looking for MMA fight skills, submission training, law enforcement defensive tactics, self-defense, cardio and muscular fitness, or a combination of techniques.

Training with Jason DeLucia is available at your location and at

Satori Ryu
480 Neponset Street
Canton MA 02021
Phone: 781-713-4680 

For more information, contact Jason

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What People Are Saying About Jason DeLucia's Seminars

"Very job related scenarios.  Many moves could help save our lives or our partners"
"Very useful, practical techniques"
"Great training!"
"I would like Jason to do more of our training"
"Easy to understand"
"Good teacher, good at explaining techniques"
"Very knowledgeable"
"Good demonstrations"
"Explains techniques in a simple manner"
"Great technique"
"Guys don't expect a small woman to escape and knock them down or choke them, but I can do it -- this stuff WORKS!"
"Obvious he knows the subject cold"
"Great class.  Need more like this"