Look for he cannot be seen.. Listen for he cannot be heard.. Touched? He cannot be found

Jason DeLucia                         Jaga the Akita
                                Born  July 24, 1969                 Born December 14th                             
Bellingham, Massachusetts USA



Some of Jason's hobbies are

Chess, Languages, Words, Cards, Music, Silence,  
Tai Chi.
Meditation and other flying,
Jason is a skilled musician playing guitar, piano, and percussion.


"The silence grew and became intense wider and deeper.  The brain which had listened to the silence of the fields and groves was itself now silent, it had become quiet naturally without any enforcement.  It was still deep within itself like a bird that folds its wings it had folded upon itself, it had entered into depth which is beneath itself, beyond itself.  It was a dimension the brain could not capture or understand and there was no observer witnessing this depth every part of one's whole being was intensity, alert, active silent this new depth was expanding, exploding, going away out of time and beyond space.  Long you live and high you fly."


Five Animal Kung Fu


" A year to learn a lifetime to master."